To the one that got away

Tears fall and heart scratches are currently on going as I type these! behold!


For now, I cannot say good bye to you completely but I will try to do or finish it. Is it possible to cry all night and feel better the day after?

Uhh, I will still remember you whenever I walk, I eat, I sing, I run, I sleep, and whenever I feed my dog.

To be honest, I am not strong of letting you go because of the emotional investment I have in you, I have fears and I am afraid of letting this relationship slip away but how can someone just leave when the other person seems weak? Isn’t he/she supposed to endure it? isn’t he/she supposed to support the other person? Especially when it comes to infidelity? Hehe. Some people don’t see the light but the S.O…. isn’t he/she supposed to help him/her? Guess not though.

I couldn’t breathe, really, I pity myself. I really pity myself for going through this kind of pain but life happens and it has to be this way.

Okay no more introduction.

Thank you for everything and I am really sorry it didn’t work out. I am going to miss you but you told me it’s really over and you keep insisting it’s me who ended it. It was you who went sprak. Shit sorry, I can’t finish this blog post.

I still have a very long waaay of recovering who I was before I met you. I hope I get to find him soon though and it will get better than ever. I promise that to myself. hehe!

And if you are reading this, it’s probably too late.

May 17, Progress -45 of 100


I will write monthly about how I feel, how I am, and how I have healed. This serves as a diary to my long journey of moving on. It’s gonna be a tough and loooong one.